Sunday, May 11, 2008

Inspiration —

1. The physical act of breathing in or inhaling. The drawing of air into the lungs.
2. A
sudden idea
3. The feeling itself within the body of elevated energy and enthusiasm
4. The sources of inspiration is also called an inspiration. Someone or something that causes this state.
5. A product of inspiration, such as an idea, piece of art,
an invention, a business, etc.

Amanda has inspired me!

I have witnessed a profound transformation in her health, vitality, enthusiasm and outlook on life. The effect is noticeable and infectious.

For those who might be standing in the doorway hoping with cautious optimism that a positive change can occur in their life — step forward and embrace it. You will be amazed at the result. And for those who might be peering through with fear and trepidation, mournful of the beauty that surely is beyond their grasp — step forward and allow a glimmer of hope to spark.

Follow Amanda's lead, follow your bliss, find inspiration and step forward across the threshold of what was into what can be!

— Doorways@LiminalEffects

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